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New Patients at
Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre

We’re Glad You Came

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you visit Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre. Our team is friendly, welcoming and keeps a positive environment.

Your First Visit

Upon completion of some paperwork, we will take you to our consultation room to meet Dr. Brad. While in the consultation room, Dr. Brad will review your health history with you and complete a thorough spinal and neurological assessment. Please allow 30 minutes for your first appointment at Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre. If necessary, Dr. Brad will send you for X-rays (the cost of which are covered by AHC) and we will book you into a follow up “Report of Discovery” appointment.

Dr. Taylor adjusting patient

Your Second Visit

If you were sent for x-rays, your Report of Discovery is a no-charge appointment where by Dr. Brad will review his findings, based on your x-rays, and set forth his recommendations for your individual Chiropractic Care Plan.

If you were not sent for x-rays, your Chiropractic Care Plan begins right here on visit number two! As well, before leaving your second visit, Dr. Brad will discuss his recommendations for your Personal Road Map to Health. Please allow 15 minutes for this appointment.

Following Up

Your Personal Road Map to Health dictates how often and when your regular adjustments take place. Chiropractic care is always your choice, but to experience the greatest benefits we advise following Dr. Brad’s recommendations.

Just as you would see your Dentist, on a regular basis, to prevent dental problems, getting regular chiropractic adjustments may help you in avoiding future health issues. As a dentist keeps your teeth healthy, Dr. Brad can help keep your spine healthy. Many of our patients feel the difference that chiropractic makes in their overall health, and choose to return to preserve that feeling.

Enhance your health, starting today. Reach out to our helpful team to find out more!


New Patients at Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre | (403) 251-0002