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Meet Dr. Brad Pritchard

Dr. BradThe journey towards healing is seldom a straight path, even for those who guide others – something our very own Dr. Brad knows all too well. Born in Winnipeg, Dr. Brad moved to Calgary when he was one and has embraced the city as much as he’s embraced his profession. He’s proud to live and work in a place so receptive to the wellness journey he’s passionate about.

Dr. Brad’s path to chiropractic practice has been a deliberate, personal journey. Initially a draftsman, his life took a dramatic turn when he witnessed an amazing turn-around in his mom’s health after multiple issues and multiple months of no relief from many other avenues. Inspired, Dr. Brad decided to leave his drafting table behind and returned to school to pursue a career in chiropractic.

After completing three years of science at the University of Calgary, Dr. Brad spent another four years in California, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in September 1994, earning the Certificate of Clinical Excellence.

Dr. Brad’s hunger for knowledge and his passion for “the power of an adjustment” led him further into Functional Neurology, amassing over 800 hours of specialized study post-graduation, ensuring his patients receive care based on his extensive experience. He passed his Canadian board exams in 1996 and started his chiropractic career in Calgary shortly after.

Outside the Clinic

When he is not “saving spines, one adjustment at a time,” Dr. Brad is a devoted family man enjoying time with his wife and two children, who still want to spend time with their dad even though they are grown!

He enjoys activities like skiing, hiking, and camping with his wife and children. Add in his non-medical pursuits like golfing, reading, and even tinkering with cars – it’s clear he likes to keep busy!

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Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre is more than the sum of its parts. It’s where professional expertise meets personal empathy; each adjustment is a step toward overall well-being. Dr. Brad’s experiences with health challenges give him a unique perspective to help patients seeking relief from more than just backaches or headaches.

Discover how Dr. Brad can assist you on your path to wellness. Contact our office now to arrange your consultation.


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