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About Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre

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A Trusted Name in SW Calgary

Dr. Brad Pritchard has been in practice since 1994. He aquired Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre in 2004, offering modern health care provided by a warm, welcoming team.

Located in the heart of southwest Calgary, we want to assist you in achieving your health goals. Dr. Brad is dedicated to helping you discover a better way of life.

We focus on the detection and removal of subluxations to improve your overall health. Once gone, your body can start getting well, allowing you to reclaim your life.

Family Chiropractic

We see all ages, including children, often caring for multiple generations of the same family.

At Oak Bay Family Chiropractic Centre, Dr. Brad practices subluxation-based chiropractic care. These interferences in your spine have a greater effect than just producing back pain, headaches and other common symptoms.

Neurologically Based Care

We’ll take the time to listen carefully to you, making sure we understand your objectives. Then, an extremely thorough examination will help us detect the cause of your problems.

Dr. Brad has extensively studied functional neurology and focuses on how your brain influences your health in your care. If a certain area of the brain isn’t working optimally, it can cause a variety of different issues, from postural problems to concentration difficulties or long-term injuries.

By finding these neurological patterns and tailoring a care plan to your specific needs, we can work towards restoring function of your brain and body.

Experience our unique approach to health. Schedule your visit to our chiropractic office today!


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